At Simsona Onscreen Takeoff division we understand the importance of integrating your estimating with other business processes in order to achieve maximum productivity and cost savings for your business.


Simsona Onscreen Takeoff comes with spreadsheet based Quantity Takeoff sheets as a standard feature however, if you would like to integrate with a 3rd party software, that can be done quickly and easily.


he work we have completed allows us to position ourselves as, experts in takeoff services!

Quantity Takeoff Services

Our takeoff services involves measuring, counting, and figuring quantities of any given construction item contained within the plans. Our takeoff are reviewed by specialized civil engineers, and customized to meet each individual client's needs. These takeoff are typically used for bidding, budgeting, and ordering purposes

Outsource Takeoff for Construction
  • Our estimating team hs multiple years of experience of reading plans and use technology to provide accurate takeoff. We can quickly estimate and delivery takeoff on time.

Onscreen Takeoff, Manual Takeoff and many other software as you need
  • We have a system to complete our quantity takoff projects on time. We use the perfect mix of human capital and technology to get an affordable outsourced estimating delivery model. OST effectively scales to support small contractors and global construction enterprises

Construction Estimating
  • We perform Quantity Takeoff for construction bids. By outsourcing the quantity takeoff process, clients can increase the number of bids submitted - a winning strategy in this competitive time. Imagine being able to submit 10+ bids using the same cost and time as submitting 1 bid.

Benefits: Reduce Cost, Improve Accuracy, Save Time

What's your average cost to prepare a bid?

Save money on today's bid and even eliminate future costs by using onscreen takeoff software to make estimators more efficient and gt rid yourself of paper, pens and storage needs.

How many labor hours do you waste during the takeoff process?

Onscreen takeoff automation and separation of quantities will allow construction estimators to reduce per bid time.

How many errors has manual takeoff introduced for you?

Onscreen Takeoff automates the calculations, allowing all involved to measure any area or perimeter accurately, even with irregular shapes and curves.

Send us drawings and scope

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